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 The "Night Before" Checklist 


The "Night Before" Checklist

Everyone wants their moving day to go smoothly, efficiently and incident free.
Your cooperation in complying with this checklist will help ensure that it does.

  1. You should be done packing by this point. Loading begins as soon as we arrive.
  2. We do not carry packing supplies with us unless asked for in advance.
  3. Boxes are the first items we load and they should all be closed and taped.
  4. Driveway and garage should be cleared of any type of vehicles that hinder movement.
  5. Interior hallways and exterior walkways should be clear to move furniture through.
  6. Paying with cash? Been to the bank? Please do not delay us to our next customer.
  7. Disable automatic lawn sprinklers the night before to prevent slipping accidents.
  8. All appliances and electrical items being moved must be completely disconnected by the customer.
  9. Have you made arrangements for children and pets? Moving can be dangerous. Safety first!
  10. Do we have your gate code, storage unit or apt. number? If not, contact us right away.

1. Will you arrive at my requested start time?
2. Are you licensed and insured?
3. Do you have both Hourly and Flat Rate quotes?
4. What are Prorated Hourly Rates?
5. Do you move outside of California?
6. How long have you been in business?
7. What if an item is damaged or broken during a move?
8. What type of trucks do you use?
9. Can I get a discount for helping with my move?
10. Which pieces of furniture should be blanket wrapped?
CLOSE  Grade 5 Blanket
11. What moving preparation must I have completed before Dirt Cheap Mover's arrival?
12. What type of customers do we provide our moving services to?
13. Do you provide boxes and other moving supplies?
14. Will you disassemble and reassemble my furniture if required?
15. How do I pay for moving services?
16. Do you require a deposit?
17. What if I cancel my reservation at the last minute? Is there a cancellation charge?
18. I have a Piano. Do you move pianos?
19. Do you provide packing services?
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