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Discounts and Free Programs

 Cash Discount

Both Hourly and Not to Exceed Flat Rates are cheaper when you pay in cash. Contact us for current cash discount information.

 Free Cargo Van With or Without 16 Foot Trailer

Hourly Rate customers can take advantage of this big money saver to make their move more affordable than ever. Our 3/4 ton cargo van with padded trailer has a total cargo capacity of 1,051 cubic feet. There's no additional vehicle charge when you hire at least one mover and we even pay for the fuel. Must be driven by a Dirt Cheap Mover employee.

CLOSE  Cargo Van and Trailer

 The Helper Blanketing Discount Program

  • Flat Rate Not To Exceed Quotations: Customer provides up to 3 of their adult friends or family members to help us put moving blankets on the furniture at pickup and to remove and fold them at delivery. We will deduct 2%, per helper, per pickup and delivery, off all of your items prices. The maximum discount available with this program, with maximum participation, is 12% off item charges. Helpers must be available at all times during the pickup and / or delivery.
  • Hourly Rate: Customers may use as many or as few qualifying participants as they want to help with blanketing, for as little or as much time as they want. Assisting us will help finish the move sooner resulting in a lowered cost. Not a discount per se, but you'll still save money.

To qualify, all participants must be:

  • Available at all times during the Pick Up and / or Delivery.
  • Minimum 18 years of age.
  • Physically fit and free of health related issues.

Disclaimer: Dirt Cheap Mover is not responsible for injuries to non-employed helpers incurred during the moving process. Anyone participating in The Helper Blanketing Discount Program does so at their own risk.

 The Free Carpeting Program

We will carpet the floor of your storage unit, garage, shed, storage container or rental truck to help prevent damage to your furniture at no charge.

 The Mostly Free Blanket Buyback Program

Moving your things into temporary storage? Want to keep your furniture blanket wrapped? Simply provide us with a deposit for the blankets and rubber bands. We use heavy quilted Grade 5 blankets for all furniture and large electrical appliances including unboxed bigscreens. If you want to save money on your deposit, you can opt for less expensive blankets, or use stretch wrap instead of rubber bands. See the images below for prices. When you move your items out of storage, we will refund 75% of the deposit paid for the blankets and rubber bands that are returned in useable condition.

Moving blanket light
Moving blanket medium
Moving blanket heavy
Giant rubber bands
Roll shrink wrap
Plastic mattress bags
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